Why high performers always do this one thing…..

There are many characteristics that are common to high performers. Investing time and money in themselves is probably the most common trait and arguably the most important.

You are your most important asset

High performers realise that they are their most important asset and that spending money on themselves isn’t indulgent, it’s necessary to maintain their high performance relative to others.

For example, we often see in the corporate space that companies will pay for a coach for employees when the average person needs it. For example, once you hit a certain rank you are entitled to a coach. Well the high performers who have not yet achieved this rank but know they are on the fast track toward it will generally deserve it earlier and therefore will invest in a coach for themselves to get them there sooner.

High performers make things happen rather than let things happen which is why they take control of what they need to achieve their definition of success and won’t leave it up to others to offer assistance.

High performers never stop learning

They are a constant work in progress aiming to consistently raise the bar on themselves. They run their own race and are always striving to better themselves and not worry what anyone else thinks. They seek out opportunities for growth and hire experts to help them.

For example, I run a global high performance coaching company and I still have a business coach as well as a mindset coach to help me exceed even my own expectations.

In addition, I’m also a fitness instructor and I still invest in a personal trainer. Someone who is able to push me more than I would push myself.

Self care is not selfish

High performers know that recovery is important in order to propel themselves to the next level. They know that they can’t take care of family, staff and clients unless they take care of themselves first.

So it’s important to take time out to recharge in whatever way that works for you. It could be a holiday, it could just be some pampering at the day spa. Whatever it is that recharges you, do it.

So are you wondering if you can afford that executive coach, personal trainer, advances sales training course, facial etc? High performers already know they can afford it. In fact they know they can’t afford not to invest in themselves. Do you?


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