What’s the real cause of your procrastination?

Ever had a task that you just really didn’t want to do? So you kept putting if off until the last minute when you really had to clear the decks and knuckle down to get it done? We’ve all been there.

So what’s really going on? Often it’s because the task is something that you find a mental energy drain, and in most cases the real cause is because it is going to take longer than you ideally want to focus on something.

This all comes down to your natural pace. Generally speaking faster pace people are far bigger procrastinators.

The good news is once you know your natural pace and become aware of your ideal focus time, your procrastination can become far easier to manage.

You might try to break the one task down into smaller tasks and just do some each day. It’s far easier to sit down and focus on one task that is likely to take you 30 minutes than it is to want to focus for 4 hours!

So for you faster paced people, you need more “bite-sized chunks” in your day to end that procrastination habit.


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