The KEY reason to create good habits

Quick answer – your days require less mental energy drain when more of your day is on “automatic pilot”.

Imagine the situation where the maximum amount of energy credits you could wake up with in the morning is 100. And that’s assuming you are in good physical and mental health. Let’s face it – not everyone wakes up with 100 – and that’s a topic for another blog………

But assuming you do wake up with 100. Think about how you would like to spend them? What would you like to accomplish in a day – at work; outside of work; with other people; on your own?

The more energy credits you spend having to think through the smaller decisions, the less available for achieving the big stuff. President Obama only wears navy and black suits. Why? He has other more important decisions to give energy to other than which suit / shirt / tie combo will impress!

How many decisions in your life do you give energy to which could really be made a bit more habitual?

The more good habits, the less energy spend. Save your energy to achieve more of the big stuff!


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